Docker Containers. Operationalized, Secure, Compliant.

Our Docker CE-to-EE Accelerator℠ transforms your development instance of Docker CE into a compliant, enterprise container platform. We understand your developers’ passion for momentum, and your security team’s need for regulatory compliance. Our engagements increase the velocity of feature releases, while implementing operational, security, and regulatory requirements.

Experienced > Informed > Trusted

Real-Time Transformation by DevOps Pioneers.

Stone Door Group has implemented containers for customers since 2013. We maintain one of the largest benches of Docker Certified consultant benches in the world. Our team will help you:

  • Upgrade your existing Docker CE edition in place

  • Configure trusted registries, secure content supply chains

  • Implement enterprise-compliant identity, access management

  • Enable your teams confidence to grow with Docker EE


Next steps

Here at Stone Door Group, we are passionate about DevOps because we get to see firsthand how it accelerates the digital transformation of our customers. Speak directly to our consultants who have deep Docker experience and expertise. No sales presentations or gimmicks: just a 30-minute shop talk with highly-knowledgeable experts who have been down this road.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to it, we offer two ways to request a free trial of Docker EE.

  1. Run the docker command below. (We like to think of this as the red pill.)

  2. Click the free trial button and fill out a form.

Either way, you’ll be in your own cloud-hosted sandbox within hours.

docker container run --rm -it sdgdockerlabs/coffee