Right-People  |  Right-Skills  |  right-price

Handpicked for interpersonal skills, work experience and technical capabilities, Stone Door Group provides the right people.   Our team of consultants, instructors and project managers understand corporate cultural, work ethic and productivity. Our consultants are prepared to align with your initiative and join your team or engage your client.

Stone Door Group is a provider of skilled and certified professional services for delivery and instruction in many different areas of modern information technology.  Our team members master the right skills to provide value in IT projects of all sizes.

Quality of delivery is critical to customer satisfaction and predictable margins are critical for corporate satisfaction. Stone Door Group offers a pipeline of predictable human resources at the right price to provide a quality customer experience and the margins required to meet corporate expectations.



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 Enterprise IT | Healthcare | Security | Insurance | Healthcare | Grocery | Financial Services | Telecommunications | Retail | Education | Local, State and Federal Government | Manufacturing | Entertainment | Transportation | Logistics