Skilled Technology PROFESSIONALS as a Service

Stone Door Group provides certified, on-demand consultants and instructors for partners that need skilled technology professionals to deliver all, or part of a solution, for their customer. We develop, enable, and maintain a dedicated bench of industry-veteran technology professionals who are available on-demand to deliver consulting, instruction and project management on your behalf. 

  • 100% dedication to your project

  • Enable a scalable, elastic virtual bench

  • Accelerate velocity of project fulfillment

  • Reduce friction and cost of time to market


Consultants as a Service

Unlike other business partners, we distain “coopetition” and we don’t “steal” customers. Our only incentive is to represent you well with a dedicated bench of certified consultants to deliver a valuable outcome for your customer.

  • Access certified consultants on-demand

  • Scale volume of concurrent projects

  • Get clients into production faster

  • Simplify consulting on-boarding

Instructors as a Service

Unlike other training partners, we don’t sell training and we don’t “broker” instructors. Our only incentive is to provide you a dedicated bench of instructors who will deliver a valuable training outcome for your students.

  • Access certified instructors on-demand

  • Increase course offerings and availability

  • Deliver courses on your customers' schedules

  • Simplify instructor procurement

Our management team made a strategic decision to utilize partners to fill a large portion of the positions in our professional services team. Stone Door Group made the strategy work by providing high quality staff at the right price.
— Professional Services Manager




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