Stone Door Group is in the business of project delivery. Our product is a valuable outcome for your customer. Valuable outcomes deliver all the tasks defined in a SOW for the agreed upon price in the expected timeframe. We invite you to read about some of our valuable outcomes below.

Retail Products Association for Distribution Partner

Business Intelligence

A speciality retail trade association needed visibility into the data trends for renewals, sales activity and overall membership management effectiveness.  The use of multiple applications and databases coupled with rudimentary dashboard software caused extensive manual work to develop visualizations and resulted in errors, delays and outdated information being provided to the executive management. 

 Stone Door Group consultants implemented modern business intelligence software that provided a simplified data schema, automated data ingestion, and an elegant easy to understand set of dashboards with multi-dimensional drill down capabilities. Once in production, the clients IT team was able to create new dashboard on-demand.

With over 6000 retail members in our association we need real time dashboards. This new implementation allows our team to be much more responsive to the trends in our organization and the needs of our membership.
— Association Executive


International Cruise Line For Software partner

Containers, Orchestration, Automation

The cruise line was experiencing poor computing performance and difficulty supporting  an existing passenger management application and sought to re-platform the applications to provide scalability, elasticity and simplified provisioning. 

Stone Door Group provided System Architect, Project Management and System Engineering to migrate the application to a Container and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery environment.

Our embark/disembark process was being negatively impacted by poor computing performance. Now, our system is not limited by the old hardware and software, and our non-technical resources can deploy the applications with one click. The new configuration provides amazing performance!
— Technology Officer

Multinational Investment Bank for Training Partner

Workforce modernization

A large financial institution sought to modernize hundreds of their software developers to align with the adoption of containers, DevOps, and CI/CD. The company developed proprietary courses that aligned with their application migration strategy and cloud architecture but lacked the skilled instructors to deliver the content across the enterprise.

Due to the extent of topics and the breadth of the hybrid cloud architecture the bank engaged their training provider to deploy a team of instructors.  Stone Door Group enabled instructors on the client specific training and provided the instructors for deployment of the training across the international workforce allowing the bank to meet its workforce modernization objectives.

Our proof of concepts in cloud and app migration went very well and we were faced with the need to roll out the new platform to our multinational workforce. The team of instructors was able to understand the course we developed to support the platform launch and they provided our staff with the mentoring and real world experience we needed for the initiative to be effective.
— VP, Training and Enablement

Global Logistics Provider for Software Partner

Patch and Errata Management

The companies data centers are distributed over a large geographic area and the servers are on different operating system builds requiring unique patch management policies and ongoing errata management.  

Stone Door Group provided an assessment of the server builds, development of patching and errata management policies, engineering services to deploy patch management systems and training for the clients datacenter managers.

We did not have the expertise to make the transition from our manual processes and this was causing an issue with our compliance policies. The team worked closely with us to help train us and to deploy our new solution.
— Data Center Manager

Private University for DISTrIBUTION Partner

Readiness and Migration Assessment, Hybrid Cloud, Hosted Productivity

Over the years the university experienced growth in the  number of email accounts and hosted websites. With the size and diversity of the desktops, servers, laptops along with cell phones and other portables the administration chose to deploy cloud based service for email, calendaring, messages, phone and productivity applications  and to move the existing web hosting to a containerized cloud solution.

Stone Door Group provided and assessment to properly inventory the systems and develop a formal migration plan.  Using a hybrid technology stack chosen by the university, Stone Door Group migrated the workloads utilizing a phased migration to allow the university to reduce downtime and to provide time for enablement for users and administrators.

It was very important that we get this right, and having a thorough assessment along with a documented migration plan helped us to be well prepared. The project manager kept us informed and the engineers provided valuable knowledge transfer so that our team could pick right up and administer the systems.
— Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Critical Care Hospital for Software Partner

Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, Virtual Machines, Automation

During a significant upgrade in core technology a hospital operations company planned to modernize the technology workforce to support the emerging trends in CI/CD, DevOps, Hybrid Cloud, Orchestration and Automation.

Stone Door Group deployed consults for platform implementation, application migration, automation and orchestration for the modernization of the infrastructure and instruction for seminars and knowledge transfer for the executives, managers, architects, engineers, and support staff to modernize the workforce.

Through acquisitions of different hospitals and hospital systems our infrastructure became complex and costly to operate. Compliance and the need for higher service levels demanded a change. We wanted to maintain and enable our current employees but we needed to quickly add many new skills. The engineers took us through the transition, but most of all they mentored and trained our team and helped us make the transition to an agile workplace.

Bio-Tech Company for Software Partner

Micro-Services development,  Automation and Provisioning

The company managed 30 customer facing scientific applications that lacked coding standards. The applications were being manual deployed causing high latency. 

Stone Door Group provided system architecture, project management and Engineering to refactor the existing codebase from monolithic apps to micro-services, train the development team in DevOps, and re-platform the applications to increase responsiveness, simplify development and increase the quality of the codebase.

We decided to refactored our code to better align with the 12 factor app principles. Our team was not ready for DevOps and CI/CD. During our engagement we were able to modernize our software development team and realize significant performance improvements!
— Software Development Team Lead

Federal Government Agency for Software Partner

Containers for Micro-services development

A federal government benefits administrator was implementing container based cloud infrastructure for greenfield applications requiring multiple container system images to support diverse application frameworks.  Finding staff for developing containers for migrating monolithic apps to micro-service  architectures for Windows and Linux/Unix environments was limiting the pace of the initiative.

While the initial cloud deployment was relatively easy, it was difficult for the agency's IT team to provide the required containers to support application developers. Stone Door Group provided our software partner with certified consultants who had the requisite experience in container management. As a result, the agency was able to stay on time, in budget, and reduce the overhead for enabling application developers.

The solutions architect for the cloud project made a comment in a CTO meeting last week that the consulting team provided excellent support on the .NET container images.  This is an important initiative for our regional offices as the client utilize .NET and we are primarily Linux experts. It was crucial to have a consultant that knew Linux, Windows, containers, and .Net to build the right image for the field offices.
— Public Sector Account Executive

Transportation Technology Company for Software Partner

Staff augmentation for software development

A transportation software company required a significant update to their railroad switching applications.  The company historically developed applications using a legacy software language creating limitations for implementation of new features.  The company needed to augment their development staff.

Staffing agencies did not produce qualified candidates and it proved very difficult to onboard programmers with the required legacy programming skills. Stone Door Group delivered a managed staff augmentation team with the skills and experience to ensure a consistent quality outcome enabling the company to meet their release schedule within the budget. 

Out of all the sub-contractors we have on the team, Stone Door Group consultants were the most prepared and professional. They integrated instantly with our team and I was able to manage the entire Stone Door Group team as if they were one FTE.
— Service Delivery Manager