3 Reasons Why IBM Cloud is Winning

IBM continues to beat out the competition with their sophisticated tools, including the IBM Cloud suite which is currently being used by major corporations all over the world including Honda and Prudential. With solutions across dozens of industries such as banking, gaming, and healthcare it should come as no surprise that when compared to other cloud services, no one comes close to IBM’s Cloud. Here’s why more companies are choosing the IBM Cloud than any other similar product currently available.

The IBM Cloud Offers A Broad Set Of Tools

The IBM Cloud suite is more than just a storage tool as it consists of over 120 cloud computing services which offer dozens of solutions to everyday business problems. After blending their Softlayer and BlueMix products into fully integrated public and private cloud options, IBM Cloud now has cloud computing services that offer platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. Some of the most significant tools the IBM Cloud suite offers that allows it to stand out include:

Watson AI Chatbot

Implementing a chatbot is one of the latest trends in customer service, proven to lead to higher rates of customer satisfaction and fewer costs for businesses. With natural language recognition capabilities, customers are able to get answers to their questions instantly without having to wait on an email response or sit on the phone with a representative. It also frees up more time for your customer service agents to manage more complicated matters that the AI chatbot can’t tend to. In addition to improving the customer experience, chatbots have proven to reduce customer service costs by up to 30% according to Chatbots Magazine.

Red Hat Software Integration

IBM’s partnership with Red Hat gives cloud customers access to tools including OpenShift, Ansible, and JBoss providing them with more choices and flexibility. Rather than having to choose between the two cloud services, they’ve integrated their tools so that they can now work in sync with one another. Using the integrated cloud option increases speed times for cloud-native apps to reach the market, offers benefits from using hybrid cloud infrastructures and multi-cloud deployments, and much more.

IBM Cloud Services Large-Scale Clients

Some of the biggest enterprises use IBM’s Cloud, and not just because it’s able to store large amounts of data. The tools provided in the cloud suite allows businesses to solve some truly unique problems in their industry, and there simply isn’t another product out there like it. Here are just a few examples:

American Airlines

Using the IBM Cloud suite, American Airlines was able to improve customer satisfaction by introducing Dynamic Rebooking. The tool allows their customers to make changes to their flight without having to wait on any lines at the airport. As a sophisticated program, it uses AI technology to learn from customer experiences and improve itself over time.


As a startup, Bitly was ready to take their success to the next level and start introducing new products. To do this, however, they needed to improve their IT capabilities and migrate their data to a more sophisticated cloud service. They chose IBM as they were the only experts in the industry to offer both powerful technology and global data center presence.

The IBM Cloud Offers Flexibility

One of the biggest draws to the IBM Cloud is how flexible it is. As business needs arise, companies can scale up to more features and vice versa. Additionally, IBM makes it simple to act on internal changes without having to wait out license expirations. Whether you’re running a small startup or a Fortune 500 corporation, the platform is never too big or too small for your business as they aren’t selling a one size fits all solution. The IBM Cloud is also the only program that offers a true cross-platform experience to users by making all of its internal platforms easily accessible.

As companies gain more confidence in the cloud’s capabilities, they can automate more of their day-to-day functions and truly put their data to work. This can be a tool used all year round, or something that is activated during peak seasons. Either way, it helps to alleviate some of your employee’s responsibilities, giving them more time for innovation.


Large enterprises continue to use IBM’s Cloud suite and other services because they are at the top of the industry. Not only do they offer the kind of sophisticated technology that is launching businesses into the future, but they are a name people can trust. Discover what the IBM Cloud is doing for your industry today.

About the Author 

Julie Peterson is the IBM Program Manager for Stone Door Group, a cloud and DevOps consulting company and IBM Business Partner. Stone Door Group helps companies transform into a modern cloud enabled digital enterprise. Learn more about how we refactor applications and implement modern CI/CD practices. To talk with consultants like Julie about your next cloud transformation project, drop us a line at letsdothis@stonedoorgrooup.com.